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27 de noviembre de 2017
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Floor clause in mortgages. Lawyers in Alicante.

Either the Spanish and European High Court of Justice have decided that the banks must pay all the money back to the clients who suffer floor clause in their mortgage. There is no doubt about that even though the banks keep denying it to their clients with different excuses.

As you can read in this previous post, the floor clause in mortgages is a clause by which the bank guaranties for his benefit a minimum amount of interest, without having informed in plain intelligible language to their clients.

It is quite clear now that this floor clause in mortgages must be removed from the mortgage deed as it is an unfair term, according to Council directive 93/13/EEC of 5 April 1993 of unfair terms in consumer contracts.

The floor clause in mortgages shall be regarded as unfair as it is contrary to good faith and harms consumers and the courts have confirmed it.

We are expert lawyers in Alicante and our law firm has recovered all the money paid by our clients in hundreds of trials against the Spanish banks.

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If you have any doubt about your mortgage deed, just send us a copy of your mortgage deed and we will check it for you with no cost.

In case you have floor clause or any other unfair term, we will advise you, so you can remove the unfair terms from your mortgage and get your money back. No win no fee.

For additional information and economic proposal, leave your contact information here and we will contact you or give us a phone call (+34 966.08.64.52 / +34 966.37.77.93).


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