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Alberto Cañizares
8 de julio de 2016
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Floor Clause in Alicante. Get your money back from your bank.


Thousands of European citizens, most of them from the Great Britain, buyed homes in the region of Alicante and signed mortgages with Spanish banks in the period from year 2000 to 2013. The floor clause in Alicante is affecting many people.

Most of those mortgages (especially those of CAM Bank, Sabadell Bank, Caja Rural Bank, Banco Popular, Caja Duero bank, Caixabank, Pastor bank, Unicaja Bank) have floor clause in it so the bank charges as excessive interest rates that has been forbidden by the European and Spanish courts.

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If you think you may have floor clause, contact us and we will check it for free and we will advise you for free on the claim success chances and we will inform you about the money you can recover from your bank.

If you want some more information about the floor clause, click here.

The majority of the floor clauses were enforced in consumers' contract in the good years of the real estate boom when loans were cheap and easy to get and the Euribor was higher than 5% so consumers did not take into account as relevant a floor clause setting a minimum rate of 3%, for instance. So, that floor clauses were just enforced by banks on their own benefit being the outcome unbalanced contracts with the consumers. This lack of balance abusing of the consumers' good faith is what makes abusive the floor clause. These were essentially the reasons why on May the 9th 2013 the Spanish Supreme Court made void and null the floor clause of some major Spanish banks.

We also work in a no win no fee basis, because, when the banks lose the trial they have to pay the legal fees so the final cost for you is of €0.

Alright, I am decided to claim. What do I do now?

Please send us an email to info@canizaresabogados.es or call our offices (+34 966.37.77.93 / +34 966.08.64.52) or contact us here.

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